David Wilder

Yoga Teacher
David Wilder

David Wilder was introduced to yoga at ten years old when he was inspired by his yoga instructor Gabriel Halpern. David observed and came to realize the importance of regular yoga practice and its contribution to a healthy body and mind at a very young age.
David has an extensive fitness background as a personal trainer, sports trainer, and former All Natural Body Building Champion utilizing Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha, David brings an integral part of his own training. Yoga discipline helped him to improve confidence, strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, symmetry, and muscular definition.

David is a Certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor. He believes that yoga connects us to the greatness that is in each of us. He shows students that being flexible or strong is not necessary to practice yoga, and that we become strong and flexible as a result of regular yoga practice .

David leads challenging, meditative and beginner classes. He inspires his students to challenge themselves and improve in their practice. David is very nurturing and is continuing to build a strong presence at O2living yoga.