Sarita Sahni

Spa Therapist
Sarita Sahni

Sarita Sahni, MA, LMT is a licensed massage therapist in both New York and Connecticut. She graduated from the Swedish Institute in New York in 2001, where she specialized in western and eastern bodywork techniques. In addition, she holds a masters in counseling psychology and is currently undergoing advanced training through the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute to further enhance her knowledge of working with trauma and the body.

Her healing path began at a young age when she starting working with horses and realized the profound impact of touch with animals and the power of connecting with nature. This led to an interest in studying indigenous healing systems from around the world which nurtured her interest in energy medicine and the innate capacity that each person has to connect with their own healing potential. In sessions, she brings this awareness to each client while working with a combination of different modalities to assist in releasing blockages to help restore health and vitality.

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